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Just Got Yue, any recent Pro Yues ?

2022.01.21 06:13 LtcaReaper Just Got Yue, any recent Pro Yues ?

I’m hyped to play her because her chip damage is so good and just think of that stack damage
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2022.01.21 06:13 iamcoin21 How many of you wanted to leave the profession because of the flawed medical system? How do you deal with frustration at work?

Hello. Today I had a pretty rough day at work, so skip if you don't want to read a whining post.
I'm in the second year of my CCU residency in a public hospital. I face death every day, and I'm already used to it. But I just can't get used to the constant lack of funds for basic needs, the staff's rudeness, and the irresponsibility of patients and their relatives. I didn't have high hopes for my profession, and I presumed it wouldn't be easy. But I'm revolted that the state isn't particularly concerned about this problem. Also, I'm angry that some people working in the hospital have the same attitude.
I'm tired of making remarks to nurses who are too slow in their duties and getting scornful comments in return. However, I understand that they, too, are tired of the ungrateful attitude, and we're in the same boat.
I'm pissed off watching some of my colleagues carry gloves and masks home while others pay for essential protective equipment themselves. I myself have already become a regular customer of sites that sell protective accessories because the hospital is always lacking them. And when I made a remark to one of the residents about this, I became the public enemy.
I've come to hate patients who come back because they are too reckless to follow the doctor's recommendations and choose to believe all that conspiracy nonsense and online bloggers instead of people who spent years studying medicine. I'm exhausted listening to patients' relatives blaming my colleagues for their close ones' deaths.
Someone advised switching to the private sector in the future, but I'm not sure I'll survive residency. I'm increasingly thinking about moving from CCU to pathologists, only not hearing this constant noise around me.
Any ideas on how to deal with such mood states?
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2022.01.21 06:13 First_Money_5292 Saint Rampal JiQuotes

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2022.01.21 06:13 Tharakan922 Throwing out a tree branch

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2022.01.21 06:13 Win090949 [Japanese > English] Google translate doesn’t know this kanji, what is it?

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2022.01.21 06:13 UzaySal Evrenin En Büyük Yıldızı Stephenson 2-18

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2022.01.21 06:13 PopCanRock Best medication for severe depression and anxiety?

I was just wondering if anybody here has suffered from depression and anxiety at the same time and got treated for it. I want to recommend some medicines to the doctor I wanted to see if anybody here has had any good experiences with different medications and what to recommend. I have a doctor appointment in the morning for this. Thank you
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2022.01.21 06:13 v3n0mou5 Update on porsche 3.2 swapped Jetta MK2

A while ago i posted the first start of my 3.2 jetta.
I almost finished most of the build.
Recoded the ecu so it pulls al the way to 7200 rpm. No fault codes. The engine works with the original dash, even the rpms.
Right now working on the rear brake conversion.
Next winter it gets a 4 motion and turbo setup.
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2022.01.21 06:13 Ok_Antelope_5539 To defend living in a closet

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2022.01.21 06:13 geturtoys 7Stars Dragonball WCF Goku Wardrobe Resin Statue Set

7Stars Dragonball WCF Goku Wardrobe Resin Statue Set 7Stars Dragonball WCF Goku Wardrobe Resin Statue Set

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2022.01.21 06:13 mintcloudrain Moondrop quarks or CCA CRA ?

I’d like the IEMS to be comfortable for long listening times and have a good fit.
I mostly listen to rock, blues, old country rock, some rumba and Latin salsa and a little bit of classical music.
I’d also love if they didn’t leak sound.
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2022.01.21 06:13 soup1111 Neringa Križiūtė!

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2022.01.21 06:13 DeaTH_GuN4 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

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2022.01.21 06:13 surveycircle_bot Attitudes in Consumer Decisions

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2022.01.21 06:13 DoctorMantel Kurzlebige Beziehung

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2022.01.21 06:13 MAGamer559 Is galaxy eyes good?

I’m a new player I always liked the galaxy eyes deck from zexal (anime) don’t know how it applies to the real game but I don’t want to waste gems so should I build?Also I welcome suggestions for other decks.I like dragons and love xyz summon more than any other type of summons.
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2022.01.21 06:13 jam-hay The one thing in crypto that hasn't dropped 40% since the all time high market cap is the followers and subscribers of the overly bullish crypto influencers trying to get you to pump their bags. If they've been wrong - DELETE THEM.

Personally I don't think social media has ever been a credible resource for making investment decisions, particularly in crypto.. and have long thought if I'm going to be wrong then I still rather it was my decision not someone else's.
However I totally appreciate that many are massively influenced by what some of these people say and do.. just because of the size of their followings.
However what I've noticed this time round compared to 2018 is the very little backlash the new breed of crypto influencer are getting, particularly those (if there are any) that have been screaming to get out of crypto because there was going to be a 40% correction.
Throughout this period there doesn't seem to be any drop at all in the subscribers of the major channels/ accounts compared to the drop in the market.
People are disposing of crypto faster than their getting rid of the people influencing others to keep on buying prior to and throughout the crash.
Sadly that means there really is no justice for many of these wrong shit posters.
Given 2018 the chance of another market crash was highly likely.. however saying so wont get you any subscribers.
If your following anyone that hasn't predicted/ suggested this crash may happen and encouraged you to buy crypto that you've now lost much of.... my suggestion would be to DELETE THEM
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2022.01.21 06:13 BalanceLevel7242 How to record electronic drum sound into laptop?

I just got a NUX DM1X and new into this field as well. Could someone advise how do I record drum sound into laptop? For this kit in particular, could I connect USB from my kit to USB from my laptop and record them via Audacity?
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2022.01.21 06:13 prawnbiryani #unsplashcats #cute #adorable #kittens #cats #followformore

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2022.01.21 06:13 whythefuckyoulying Are products cheaper in Hungary?

Hi all. As above. A quick search tells me it is slightly cheaper in Hungary but would like to know the general consensus. LRP b5 is slightly cheaper and I might buy a few tubes of those as my dear klairs soothing cream has ran out.
Also any brands to look out for? Hair product brands or skincare recommendations?
I’m excited to get some Geek & Gorgeous, Kallos hair products, LRP. Thanks all.
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2022.01.21 06:13 joesen_one SMTOWN - 'Hope from KWANGYA' (Recording Behind the Scenes) (220121)

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2022.01.21 06:13 tiagonbotelho The Violent Path of Francis Ngannou

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2022.01.21 06:13 Electronic-Age-7972 I Stopped myself from enjoying life achivements because I noticied I am doing it for wrong reasons

Since I was young, I had a bad habit of doing things and succeding in life just to show off or to be praised by people aroud me. But these last years, I stopped completly from pursuing new goals or doing effort at achieve things, because I hated the feeling of doing things to just please others.
Even I tried to do things and say I am doing for myself, I quickly lose interset because it doesnt taste good and I dont see worth in pleasing myself. Also, I try to stay away from the feeling of showing off but I ended up forcing kyself from enjoying things or feeling happy with anything new in my life..
I dont know its like I am trying to learn to be humble by not enjoying things. I cant get my head aroud how to :
1- stop bragging abd showing off
2- Have a new why so I can do things and hv a meaning again in my life
3-enjoy life blessings without faliing into egoistic intensions.
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2022.01.21 06:13 soki89 32 uk M Looking for chats/frienshioo

Hey looking for chats and friends, happy to talk about anything really but me interests are video games, music, tv, films, cycling, nature, kaiju and hiking.
Hopefully chta to someone soon. Hmu.
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2022.01.21 06:13 WallStapless u/gothscum - Donda insider or prophet? (Believe What I Say throat coat line)

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