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Invest in Sam Kerr

www.agorainvest.com.br DMMバヌーシー storage.googleapis.com We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

2021.12.09 06:38 rodger_the_fishwife Invest in Sam Kerr

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2021.12.09 06:38 Domkustos One thing I’ve noticed is that we kinda build our character whilst facing adversities.

It’s like how we can mold an iron whilst it’s extremely hot
And so I kinda try to frame my thinking from, Ugh things are happening to me
to, *What’s the word trying to do through me? *
Ngl can’t do it all the time.
But when it works, it works !
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2021.12.09 06:38 Badgerv12 Porsche had control of 74.1% of VW shares few days before VW squeeze happened, article from 2008 link in the comments

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2021.12.09 06:38 smartybrome AWS ANS-C00 Certified Advanced Networking NEW Practice Exams

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2021.12.09 06:38 poopedoutofmycock How do I disable the teammate HUD icon unless they are visible?

They show up all the time and the whole screen is covered in these stupid blue spots.
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2021.12.09 06:38 ItsARealShameMan é é é

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2021.12.09 06:38 smartybrome Ultimate ITIL 4 Foundation Practice Tests 2022

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2021.12.09 06:38 froggy_Pepe Another day on a NYC bus.

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2021.12.09 06:38 b_squared1984 Just gambled Tal's amulet

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2021.12.09 06:38 Crohnies What act of pettiness can someone accurately accuse you of committing?

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2021.12.09 06:38 Deepwhite-7000 Oh no

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2021.12.09 06:38 Diskmaan Alphabetic cipher

Any ideas? I tried everything... but i still can't figure it out. Its not in english tho, its in czech
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2021.12.09 06:38 smartybrome AZ-500 Microsoft Azure Security Technologies Practice Exams

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2021.12.09 06:38 JKL555666 Anyone ever seen gobs of solder holding the screws in for the pickup? Lol.

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2021.12.09 06:38 smartybrome Ultimate AWS Solution Architect Associate Practice Test 2022

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2021.12.09 06:38 batmanforhire The Athletic podcast on MCDC’s first win. Highly recommend this episode, they really deep dive into the mentality behind Campbell calling plays.

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2021.12.09 06:38 natatatallin5 Post Diagnosis Libido

I’m so thankful for this space, I’ve learned a lot from reading everyone’s posts and I’m comforted to know I’m not alone.
My diagnosis has been a real whirlwind. After 15 years of pain, I found out about endometriosis, got diagnosed and underwent my first lap all within a month. It feels like the rug has been ripped out from under me and I honestly view my body completely differently now. Before, I was able to explain away my pain/symptoms or gaslight myself into thinking it wasn’t that bad.. but now I know the truth and it’s only made my pain worse. All of this has really affected my libido. I used to have a very high sex drive and frequent, good sex. I only rarely had pain after. Now, it feels like I could never have sex again and I’d be fine.
I don’t feel at home in my own body and I think there’s a lot of trauma associated with that entire part of my body now. My boyfriend is so incredibly patient and kind but it is putting a strain on us.
Does anyone have any experience with this? Any tips or advice?
Thank you all xxxx 💛
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2021.12.09 06:38 Electronic_Curve_807 reset lab upgrade

i was one day off upgrading one of my troops and the update has reset it no so the upgrade has started from the beginning. ffs
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2021.12.09 06:38 FasXFis How to Promote your Website Launch

After weeks of planning, creating, and developing, it is now time to launch your website! This can be a really exciting yet scary time for you as a business owner. Therefore, in this article, we are going to teach you 5 simple steps on how to promote your new site before it has even launched so that when it does, you will already have people queuing up to buy!
1.Create a Lead Magnet: A lead magnet is basically something you give away for free to drive traffic to your website or to collect email addresses. This must be connected to your business or brand and offer value to your customers. Various things you could offer are workbooks, e-books, guides, downloadable prints, templates, webinars, quizzes, free consultation, etc. Offering these types of resources will not only increase website traffic, but also increase email sign-ups and people viewing you as an authority and expert in your particular industry.
2. Create A Captivating Landing Page: Even if your site isn’t ready to go live, you still want to have something to direct people to. Creating a landing page can be super fun and creative and is actually pretty easy to do, especially if you use a platform such as Squarespace or WordPress to build your site. Your landing page should let people know when you will be launching! You should also have a strong “Call to Action” encouraging people to download or sign up for your lead magnet that we discussed above! (A call to action is basically just a word that you can use to tell people what you want them to do. For example, Shop Now, Download, Learn More, etc.)
3. Email Sequence: Now that you have shared your free resources and collected email addresses, it is now time to send out a short sequence of emails to help drive even more traffic to your site. You should keep people in the loop of any new product launches, discounts, or promotions you are offering in the future. You can use sites such as Mailchimp, Mailerlite or Campaign Monitor to create your emails and automate them. Follow the below sequence and watch your traffic increase:
Email 1: Welcome Email
First, send a simple email, welcoming your new subscribers. Tell them how happy you are that they have joined your community and what they can expect from you & your business in the future.
Email 2: About Us
In this email, you are going to tell your subscribers what it is that you do and sell. Make sure to include plenty of images and keep the text short and to the point. Remember to always add a button or link at the bottom of your email encouraging the reader to take the exact action you would like them to.
Email 3: Website Launching soon
In this email, you are going to promote the launch of your new website. This is a great way to start creating buzz and hype around your new website before it launches. Add a countdown, some sneak-peek images, and possibly an early access code for people to get a small discount on the day the website goes live!
Email 4: Product Preview
Send this email a day or two before your website launch. You have got people excited with your previous email, so now it’s time to get them even more excited by showcasing some of the amazing products they are going to be able to purchase very soon from your site! Remember to tell them exactly when the site is going to launch with a countdown and re-encourage them to use their “Early Access” discount code.
Email 5: Website Now Live!
A lot of times people launch their website and forget to tell anyone! The final email of your sequence will announce to your subscribers that you have officially launched your site! Make sure you create a lot of excitement in this email by including a lot of images and product descriptions! Once again, encourage people to use a discount code and “Shop Now Before They Sell Out”.
Remember when sending out emails, to use really captivating subject lines to grab the readers’ attention immediately!
4. Show off on Social Media: While waiting for your Website to be built, invest all of your time and energy into your Social Media profiles. Post every single day showing off your products, talking about your services, discussing your business, giving sneak-peeks of the website or behind the scenes. Take part in trends and increase your engagement with people within your industry and their audience. Remember to encourage people to head to your landing page to download your lead magnet by inputting their email address. (You see how it’s all starting to connect!)
5. Optimize and Index: One of the most important things to do when building a website is to Search Engine, and Mobile, optimize it. When we build websites for our clients, we spend a lot of time adding keywords and descriptions to every single page and image on the site. We test the website on our phones, tablets, and various sized laptops and desktops to ensure it is functional on all. We also submit the sitemap to Google Search Console to request indexing, which basically means we let Google know we exist! This is really important to do before you launch so that you can start ranking on Google immediately!
Building a website for your business is only one small cog in a huge machine. It is really important that you promote your site by using the steps above to ensure you have a really successful launch. We don’t just create websites, we can also help you create your lead magnets, landing pages, and email sequences. Get in touch with us below to find out more!
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2021.12.09 06:38 isadvincula The coolest Christmas tree I've ever had!

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2021.12.09 06:38 mynameisteki Dragonite Raid (First 10 to add)

0111 7997 4677
((Keep an eye on this post, I’ll keep it updated)
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2021.12.09 06:38 smartybrome React native Expo for multiplatform mobile app development

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2021.12.09 06:38 Ghostspider1989 [serious] An acquaintance of mine is seriously losing their mind. They're jobless and spend all day walking around the city dressed like a super hero. Idk how to help him

As it says, he doesn't have a job and is always dressed like a super hero. All he does is walk around the city all day. He's about 30 years old or so. The man has two kids but is not allowed to see them with good reason.
His mind is clearly just gone. All he talks about is conspiracy theories, about the end of the world, how he kills demons and how the government is trying to get him.
Is there any hope for him? I don't even know where to begin. I used to be friends with him but he said some derogatory things about a certain demographic and since I've distanced myself. Recently is when I've seen him walking around dressed like a super hero and it's clear he has lost his mind.
So what can be done?
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2021.12.09 06:38 Zaalim_Maulvi Chuddakad sanskari Bengali hindu aurton ko low class nali saaf krne wale muslim mard se chud ke unke mulle bacche paida krne chye apne sanatani chut m kala badbudar naali me Sanah hua beefy lund lekar

Chuddakad sanskari Bengali hindu aurton ko low class nali saaf krne wale muslim mard se chud ke unke mulle bacche paida krne chye apne sanatani chut m kala badbudar naali me Sanah hua beefy lund lekar submitted by Zaalim_Maulvi to I_AM_Bengaalan [link] [comments]

2021.12.09 06:38 Captain_Dartoy Saving wood for farms with English.

Instead of placing 8 farms within the influence of a mill, I aim for 10. In the first image, you can see the tiles for the mill and its default influence radius with the classic 8 farms built within where the orange is the influence radius and the yellow frames are the farm bases.
But with the second image, you see the influence radius will change to fit the base of a farm that has at least 1 tile within the default influence radius, where the orange tiles represent the farm being within influence even while not being wholly within the default influence radius.
So with the third image you can see you can fit a maximum of 12 farms within the mill's influence. But this is a waste of space since there are 8 tiles of influence not being used, and it can be hard to find enough space to fit multiple series of mills like that.
Instead, I fit 10 farms and conserve space while taking advantage of the flexibility of the influence area. And I like how they look when I put them together in a honeycomb fashion like in image 5. I usually go for five sets of 10 farms like this so at age 4 you get 857 gold/min with the enclosures technology and an overabundance of food that you can sell at your market. I'm still pretty noob, so I don't know the optimized amount of farms to have at age 4, but to only need 50 population on economy in age 4 is pretty nice. But that's the English for you.
Anyway, this saves like 100 wood or so on mills, let me know how you feel about it.
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