The first piece of "ABSENCE", a miniseries of only 2 pieces, is now being auctioned on Twitter. Link and more in the comments

2021.10.19 22:46 Jostrage The first piece of "ABSENCE", a miniseries of only 2 pieces, is now being auctioned on Twitter. Link and more in the comments

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2021.10.19 22:46 AliEvans A quote about unrequited love

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2021.10.19 22:46 andrewditm Is it rude to change plans for a date after agreeing?

Hi all, so I met this girl on bumble and we settled on an aquarium date + bowling. I suggested both, however I wasn't thinking properly since the aquarium we are going to is quite expensive. Now I'm not trying to be cheap, it's just that I was always told to not invest a lot of money on a first date, and to keep it simple instead. I want to still go bowling, but I basically want to replace the aquarium with something else. Is it rude to ask her if we can do something else? How will I ask her without being/sounding rude? Am I in the wrong here?
Side note: When we were planning she brought up the idea of ice skating, so that could be one alternative.
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2021.10.19 22:46 3saNB When Dad doesn’t like dancing.

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2021.10.19 22:46 ComedyAlexander TIFU By emotionally cheating on my spouse

For the past couple of weeks I was getting doubts about our relationship. Now we’ve been through lots of ups and downs. We’ve been separated before. So this was kind if a last chance thing.
The doubts I was getting were just me overthinking things, as I always do, but at the time I didn’t know that. Earlier this week, I had a moment of weakness and messed my ex and said I still had feelings for her (I don’t. Now sure why I said I did). Right after that, I had immediate regret. She told me she only sees me as a friend, so fair. Cut to a couple of hours later, the guilt starts to get to me. So I decided to tell my girlfriend about what happened. I knew things were gonna be bad. I just hoped maybe things could be saved. I know, I should have just never done it in the first place.
Now because of that trust betrayed, she’s leaving me and my brain keeps telling me that can’t happen. I’ve had panic attacks where my breathing almost stops. I don’t want her to go. She means everything to me. I’ve tried everything I can think of to attempt to repair the damage, but to no avail. This is the biggest regret I have. Even over everything I’ve done to get too much debt. I’d do anything to repair the damage. Everything was going so well until I messed it up like always.
TL;DR I messaged my ex saying I had feelings and ruined a perfect relationship.
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2021.10.19 22:46 matt11126 Finally installed a tail tidy kit + bad end mirrors on my Z900, are there any other go to visual mods ?

Finally installed a tail tidy kit + bad end mirrors on my Z900, are there any other go to visual mods ? submitted by matt11126 to Kawasaki [link] [comments]

2021.10.19 22:46 Kill-R_73 I found two fake news videos of Kixstar on youtube. Please report them

The channel is like a news channel, the language is Hindi. The voiceover talks of a 'girl' who worked at a 'radio station' that died in a car crash. The links to the videos are below:
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2021.10.19 22:46 riverplate90 Karmic matters?

I have noticed a pattern with a person in my life, this person appears spontaneously out of nowhere in key moments and then withdraws, it is as if he helped me, transformed me and retired and for a while I do not know anything about that person. . . , until you need help again.
I see our charts and we have:
-sun (scorpio) conjunct sun
-moon (pisces) conjunct moon
-ASC (Capricorn) conjunct ASC
Can there be something karmic here? my south node and chiron are located in the 7th house (cancer) of the other person.

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2021.10.19 22:46 sadahide Ordination Vows?

I think this might be a fun one. I'm installing a pastor at a non-demoninational independent church (they are a traditional country church). They have no playbook, and I've been asked to write the vows.
What would be good things to ask a pastor to promise?
What would be good things to ask a congregation to promise their pastor?
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2021.10.19 22:46 Comfortable-Phase-10 What do y’all think? Green? Hazel?

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2021.10.19 22:46 h31z3n Warframe is a perfect game with no bugs or glitches

Warframe is a perfect game with no bugs or glitches submitted by h31z3n to Warframe [link] [comments]

2021.10.19 22:46 Sunshine_Girl24 Microsoft SWE Final round

Hi! Any advice? What type of LC questions (array, linked lists….) (easy/med/hard)? Should I know design? Thanks!
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2021.10.19 22:46 HisokaMIW What is a “scare package” and how do I go about obtaining one?

Probably a dumb question but I just don’t know how to obtain one. I thought it was just a play on words and all I had to do is obtain a regular care package within a Halloween map but that did not work.
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2021.10.19 22:46 AliEvans A quote about luck

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2021.10.19 22:46 CommercialWrap9539 Prismarine Anarchy__ Server IP Bedrock: Java:

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2021.10.19 22:46 ShoobySnaxs I don't know what to do about my future FIL

I am recently engaged. I have been with my now fiance for over 2yrs. We are very happy. I just need advice. My fiance's dad left when he was 3. They never really had a good relationship. The entire time we have been together I have never meant the man. As we are planning this wedding my fiance hasn't decided if he wants his dad there. Whenever I ask he always changes the subjects or just avoids the question. My parents have been married for over 30 yrs and have a normal typical marriage. So I really don't know how he feels or what to do. I keep playing these what if scenarios in my mind if he doesn't invite him. I know it's his decision whether his dad is their or not but I feel like he would regret it if he wasn't their.
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2021.10.19 22:46 International_Okra66 Serged suggestion for double-sided piece?

I’m wondering if anyone can suggest a machine that will do a rolled hem that has a nice finish on both sides?
I’m working on something double sided and want the hem to look finished on both sides and would prefer a Seeger. I have an overlock machine and the reverse side never looks as nice as the front side.
I was looking at Marrow, not sure if there are other options out there. Thanks so much!
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2021.10.19 22:46 Joyridemountain Verizon FLDP Interview

Hi all, I just got invited to interview for Verizon’s FLDP internship. Just wondering if anyone here has participated in this internship. If so, are there any interview tips? Thanks
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2021.10.19 22:46 oceangirl93 I absolutely despise my college experience, it makes me feel incredibly depressed every day.

I go to a school that is extremely conservative, upper class, and southern because it is in my home town and my parents approve of it enough to pay for it. I tried another school at one point but felt smothered by the college scene, which I do not like in general. I prefer niche, less structured forms of creative work alongside an intimate group of progressive-minded people. Anyways, my school feels like I am surrounded by the kardashians and I struggle to find interaction classmates with common interests. I feel crammed in classes listening to material that I couldn’t care less about, all of the while no one is interacting with me because it is all lecture based. I stick out like a sore thumb in my mind, though I dress like the crowd to not be shown visual disapproval, though the apathy is just as bad. I have two years left remaining in my degree but every day feels hopeless, i get the feeling that I want to crawl out of my skin and die at the end of clas. I struggle to manifest good things in my life because I am so consumed by my hatred for this school and how isolated I feel in it. I want to drop so badly, but I am not sure what practical alternative I might substitute for this degree, which is pivotal for financial support from my parents (something I need at the moment.) I am utterly desperate for some form of encouragement, advice, alternative paths to a degree, anything.
submitted by oceangirl93 to AutismInWomen [link] [comments]

2021.10.19 22:46 Phunny Finally after trying for one day I got one! Screw you scalpers!!

Finally after trying for one day I got one! Screw you scalpers!! submitted by Phunny to gaming [link] [comments]

2021.10.19 22:46 AliEvans “Be fearful when others are greedy. Be greedy when others are fearful.” —Warren Buffett

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2021.10.19 22:46 SingingSiren21 Being verbally abused, how do I report it

Is there a way to report it and get me out of the house but not ruin my parents lives? I know its abuse, I know I shouldn't be feeling like a failed abortion my mother is forced to put up with and a punchingbag for my step-dad but I dont want them to get in trouble. Once in a while they're so nice you wouldn't believe they're the same person, and they're also the people who raised me and of course I love them, but the months between when they're nice... the months were my mental health is constantly beat on by them... I can't do it anymore. Is there a way to get out of my house? I have no family to go to, im underaged(17 with 6 months until my birthday) and I have two younger siblings. I dont know what to do.. my moms going through a rough time right now, she's on workers comp and it's irreversible damage, but with her being out she's home constantly and the abuse is so much worse now and I just can't take it. So is there a way for me to get out without getting them in trouble (I live in NY state, also emancipation is not an option. Ive tried, they basically spit in my face)
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2021.10.19 22:46 arcentic WB Giratina raid add 3767 9894 1736

Giratina raid add 3767 9894 1736
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2021.10.19 22:46 erwint2021 18M in houston, TX looking for relationship and good times [Relationship]

Hello, my name is Ty (he/him). I just moved to Houston a few months ago and am looking to make friends in the area. I am gay and single, haha. I like to bike, look at the sights here, listen to music (Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion to name a few). I like to go clubbing on the weekends and make friendships and relationships that last a while. I am interested in a lot of things ranging from sports to politics to nature and traveling. I love being outside and I do volunteer work, and I am a current college student at UHD. Feel free to comment or msg me if you'd like to chat :).
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