New DLC "PAYDAY 2: 10th Anniversary Jester Mask

A third federal judge has blocked Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee’s order allowing families to opt out of school mask mandates. The decision is the latest development in the ongoing legal battle over Lee’s order launched by parents and advocates alarmed over the spike in coronavirus cases in Tennessee’s schools. TRANSCRIPTS. These are the transcribed episodes we used to pull our data from. We've made them available on the site solely for the purposes of providing a better and more expansive amount of transcription than those already available (via the Rick and Morty Wiki Page). A South Carolina town's newly constructed 9/11 memorial was vandalised with the word 'Taliban' on Saturday, which was the 20th anniversary of the attack.. Paul Nichols, Founder and CEO of Upstate ... The Burning 8th. Some anniversaries are more special than others. The Master Gods of Heisting (i.e. The Payday Gang) are not above showing off in style how special the occasion is, with a mask like this! Get the latest breaking and in-depth U.S. news headlines, photos and videos on Anti-vaxx hecklers have shouted abuse and even death threats at Trudeau throughout his campaign ahead of the September 20 election. He is lagging behind his conservative opposition in the polls. Name Last modified Size; Go to parent directory: MUBI (USA).zip (View Contents): 25-Mar-2021 06:22: 79.4M: MX vs. ATV Alive (USA) (v1.01) (Disc) (Update).zip (View Contents): 25-Mar-2021 06:22 Filinvest and Temasek Foundation hand over mask donation to Taguig. by BMPlus. ... PNB to unveil 2 new global feeder funds. Sports ... LBC kicks off PayDay Ayuda this September.

2021.10.20 00:08 FiLoUx70 New DLC "PAYDAY 2: 10th Anniversary Jester Mask

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2021.10.20 00:08 design-responsibly How NOT to spot a forgery

In a 2012 auction, Sotheby’s sold an oil painting named “Saint Jerome” for $842,500. The artwork, “full of striking, scrupulous detail,” was attributed to the 16th-century artist Parmigianino. Sotheby’s later set out to determine if the painting was, in fact, genuine:

When Sotheby’s sells an artwork, it offers a five-year guarantee of refund if the object proves to be a counterfeit – “a modern forgery intended to deceive”, as its terms specify. In 2016, after uncertainty crackled over the Parmigianino, the auction-house sent it to Orion Analytical, a conservation science lab in Williamstown, Massachusetts. Orion was run, and staffed almost solely by, James Martin, who has loaned his forensic skills to the FBI for many art forgery investigations.
Within days, Martin had an answer for Sotheby’s: the Saint Jerome was the real deal.
I told [Sotheby’s] that I had found dozens of faint horizontal cracks that have appeared; every so often, a clean, vertical split intersects them. In French canvases from the 18th century, cracks in paint tend to develop like spider webs; in Flemish panels, like tree bark. In Italian paintings of the Renaissance, the patterns resemble rows of untidy brickwork. On the Saint Jerome, the cracks match perfectly.
Of course, not every expert was in agreement with Martin:
Prof David Ekserdjian, one of the few art historians who doubted that the painting was a Parmigianino, said he just didn’t feel the prickle of recognition that scholars claim as their gift: the intimacy with an artist that they liken to our ability to spot a friend in a crowd.
As questions regarding the authenticity of the artwork rose, it was discovered that the Saint Jerome contained a pigment that the original artist could not have used:
Experts found phthalocyanine green, a pigment first synthesised four centuries after Parmigianino died. It showed up consistently across 21 paint samples from various parts of the painting.
In response to this rising “uncertainty crackling over the Parmigianino,” Martin, who over the past two decades has “become the art world’s foremost forensic art detective,” issued a blistering challenge to “critics of the Saint Jerome:”
When added to all the rest of the evidence of the Saint Jerome’s authenticity, the perfectly-matching horizontal cracks point toward my conclusion [that the Saint Jerome is genuine] being correct and accurate. It's the job of critics to explain away all of the evidence if they can—and so far, they haven't been able to.
Questioned directly about the the discovery of the anachronistic phthalocyanine green pigment, Martin refused to back down:
This continues the general pattern I have observed of critics saying they have found an explanation for some minuscule percentage of the Saint Jerome’s magnificence and then claiming that they have somehow explained the other 95% and invalidated the whole. There are too many bullseyes to just wave them away as pure luck. Until the critics can explain away all of these things and everything else the Saint Jerome gets right, they can’t say that this masterpiece “failed the test” in regard to its authenticity. Simply saying it does not make it true. They have to address the evidence.
Sotheby’s, fully persuaded by Martin’s arguments, declared the Saint Jerome “a genuine 16th-century masterpiece, painted by the artist Parmigianino himself.”
If you haven’t already guessed, the real story did not actually go down this way. In reality, the painting was extremely impressive and fooled many with its details (including the above-mentioned horizontal cracks) that could not initially be explained as anything other than signs the painting was genuine. However, the discovery of the anachronistic pigments (by Martin) was enough all by itself to completely invalidate the authenticity of the Saint Jerome.
It simply did not matter how much evidence there was pointing toward the painting’s apparent authenticity: one single anachronism was enough to discover its true origins as a forgery.
Apologists for the Book of Mormon like to point to numerous parallels (e.g., “writing styles,” “wordplay,” ancient altars/names/places, etc.) between words and phrases in the book and legitimate ancient sources, as evidence that “Joseph couldn’t have known” these things without the book being authentically ancient.
Yet, the Book of Mormon contains not just one, but many anachronisms, things that absolutely could not be there if those books were authentically ancient. These include multiple plants, animals, materials, and technology each of which have never been discovered even once in the time and place where the Book of Mormon is supposed to have happened. Apologists argue about why (or why it shouldn't matter, or why we should "just believe" anyway) or try to twist facts to make the anachronisms appear to be shrinking, but that doesn’t actually change the fact that these are anachronisms: they are all things that indicate a “mistake” by the writer in the exact same way that the incorrect synthetic pigment indicates a mistake by the painter of the Saint Jerome.
Just as with the Book of Mormon, it would be possible for “apologists of suspect artwork” to declare that “we haven’t yet surveyed every single piece of artwork from the 16th century, so it’s possible that somebody, somewhere did use that synthetic pigment.” Or, they might say: “we don’t yet understand why the pigment appears incorrect, but that doesn’t mean that we should just discount all the other evidence of the artwork’s authenticity.” Apologists might even say: “It’s the critics’ job to explain away all of the evidence, but they are ignoring it!”
However, just as this type of excuse-making is not remotely persuasive or credible in the art world, where there are only financial consequences for a mistake, we should think twice before being persuaded by this type of excuse-making when the stakes for many of us are even higher, involving lifelong spiritual commitments. Must we be able to account for every single piece of positive evidence, as the apologists would have us believe? Or is it enough to acknowledge that one single anachronism completely invalidates an allegedly-ancient work, and that the Book of Mormon contains numerous invalidating anachronisms?
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2021.10.20 00:08 IceysheepXD Multiple Saves Feature?

Hey just an idea I think choices should implement multiple saves in one book. This would be used so You could a book multiple times and try different LI’s or different story routes/MC options without having to restart a certain save. This feature would be great for ongoing series which carry over choices like BOLAS or OH as well as others.
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2021.10.20 00:08 icantsleep2103 Things my boyfriend says about my meal preps (I promise there’s a lot of sautéed tofu and mushrooms under the micro greens)🙄

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2021.10.20 00:08 nostalgiaisunfair How do I get a PDF transcript for myself, not to send to an institution? Trying to apply for a RAY position

I have paid for my transcript through MyCred, there is no downloading option. If I pay for a paper copy, it has to be mailed to a recognized institution. Im trying to apply to a RAY position which requires an online application including a transcript. Ive been emailing various departments and getting sent to other departments since nobody knows how to do this?
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2021.10.20 00:08 dbsbdshxhxhx Someone trib my girl will reward with her nudes

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2021.10.20 00:08 alexb3678 Can someone tell me what this is? it's the modem in my new house (it's an ollld house).

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2021.10.20 00:08 novabby43 Enrollment appointment

I'm a second year & my appointment starts on November 15 9pm, does anyone have a similar time/date?
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2021.10.20 00:08 Top_Acanthisitta_940 Why does coin gecko say it’s circ supply is 100T but etherscan shows only 500T was burned?

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2021.10.20 00:08 9isalso6upsidedown What is 1 change to a bad country you would do to make it a good country?

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2021.10.20 00:08 CoffeePot420 Hello my name is Steve Barnes and I'd like to enquire about the upcoming job opportunity

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2021.10.20 00:08 FUNR702 Not mine, but this is the idiocy we deal with in FOH. We feel you, comrades in arms.

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2021.10.20 00:08 King_Capo [for hire] headshots, manga greyscale+colored. magazine cover, anime/manga style. $50 per headshot. $200 per full body. serious inquiries only

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2021.10.20 00:08 FrostingGrand5327 LA TICKETS

If anyone wants to sell their tickets for nothing more than double hit me upp 😭😭😭
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2021.10.20 00:08 -_-finn-_- what are the best servers in your opinion?

I struggle to find populated servers that are at a good level of modded and vanilla. what are your favorites and do you prefer official or modded?
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2021.10.20 00:08 bplatt1971 Recommendations needed!!

I’m headed from Provo to Hurricane tomorrow and back on Saturday. I need a good dinner spot somewhere along the 15 for both trips. Where do I absolutely need to stop?!
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2021.10.20 00:08 m-o- Did this girl lose interest?

I just started dating again after a long hiatus, didn't have a lot of dating experience before. Anyway, met a girl on Tinder and we hit it off pretty well via text. Asked her out, we went out and hung out for awhile and got dinner. She asked me when I'm available again near the end of the date and said we can talk about it later via text. Next day I asked her out for Tuesday (today) or Wednesday, she said yes. I didn't text her for a couple days because she didn't respond to me. We were gonna do something outside, so yesterday I asked about a short hiking trail (if she'd been there). She said sorry her grandpa ended up in the ER and she's been having to help her family with stuff. Didn't respond about the trail or address the date we had sort of planned for today or tomorrow. I just sympathized, didn't mention the date again. She didn't respond to my last text yesterday, so I haven't sent her anything since that. I probably shouldn't ever send her another message if she doesn't message me right? If she still wanted to go on the date she'd be the one that needs to message me I would assume.
But I'm a bit bummed out because I liked this girl, and while the date wasn't super long, we talked the whole time, laughed and seemed to enjoy each other's company. Just ended with a hug so perhaps she was just being nice? But I thought she was relatively enthusiastic about a second date.
So yeah, just curious if this kind of thing is normal. Surely she didn't lie about her grandpa being in the ER right? Maybe she's just super busy with that or stressed and not thinking about dating? And considering she left me on red, I'm guessing don't message her? Maybe send her a little message in a few days?
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2021.10.20 00:08 db_admin Just started - my modest collection so far

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2021.10.20 00:08 AlgoH-Rhythm Tell me your Jr dev interview failure stories!

Why learn from my own mistakes when I can learn from yours?. Recant your painful past , what were you lacking and what role did you apply for?
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2021.10.20 00:08 anonymoose-person Cheese!

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2021.10.20 00:08 Any-Worldliness6301 I’m a Christian teen boy. I recently watched porn. How could I tell my parents?

I’m a Christian teen and I’ve been homeschooled away from girls my entire life. I have gotten a very vague sex talk from my parents but no specifics, and I was just plain curious. I watched a few videos on Pornhub of both heterosexuals and homosexuals. They were satisfying at the time but now I feel guilty for watching them. The only thing I’ve heard from my parents about porn was when my dad said “don’t look up sex, it will cause you to descend into pornography. You don’t know where those urls go to.” I 100 percent understand real sex is different than porn sex, and I chose pornhub because I’ve heard good things about it’s safety and ability to make sure everyone’s legal age (so I don’t get into trouble.). I used Google chrome on my iPhone to watch. Do I need to tell my parents I watched? I’m not planning on watching again, so I don’t get addicted. I just wanted to answer a couple questions in my head.
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